Pilot Group Swim Analysis // EO SwimBetter

Pilot Group Swim Analysis // EO SwimBetter

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We are using the EO SwimBetter device this winter for our Winter-Swim-Boost-Project. EO SwimBetter is the first power meter for swimming. Please check the app group for more info about the EO SwimBetter device.

Pilot Group
For the coming months (until March 2024) we will run a pilot group with a maximum of 20 athletes. If you join the pilot group you will get:
- 1st analysis with the EO SwimBetter + GoPro under water footage + main focus point
- 2nd analysis after 4-7 weeks with only the EO SwimBetter + re-check on focus point + new focus point if necessary/relevant

The first analysis will take place in Bussum. On Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning between 0700-0830. The second analysis can take place at any pool (in Amsterdam). We will schedule the actual dates together with the participants. 
All participants pay for their own entry to the pool.

After the pilot group we will continu to offer the EO SwimBetter analysis. Please note: this will be at a higher price than the pilot price (pilot participants will keep a discount after the pilot finishes).

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