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Apollo Amsterdam & Apollo Endurance Lab

Community based and innovation driven, we are building the biggest Endurance Sports community in Amsterdam. Everyone can join Apollo Amsterdam. And everyone can! The Apollo ‘Race License Membership’ will only cost €79 for a full year and it’ll provide you with the basic license for the NTB (Dutch Triathlon Association), which offers you the possibility to get your NTB Race License, as well as the KNAU (Dutch Athletics Association) and the KNWU (Dutch Cyclists Association). So no more hassle with starting at the back of a race and having to buy ‘day licenses’ for races. For instance: with your race license you’ll start right behind the pro runners in the Amsterdam Marathon, or the Egmond aan Zee half marathon!

Being an Apollo Amsterdam member, you can join our group rides, runs and swims and you’ll be part of a club in the official IRONMAN TriClub Program. If you’re training for an Ironman, join us, work together towards that big goal and represent Apollo Amsterdam on raceday!

In 2020 a new phase started with:

  • The Apollo Clubhouse
  • The Apollo Swim partnership with Personal Swimming.
  • The Apollo Endurance Lab: Coaching, training, tests & analysis like professional athletes do. For Triathletes, Cyclists and Runners. With weekly group training sessions & many Apollo events.

Apollo Amsterdam spreads its wings as an Amsterdam sports brand. We Are Apollo!

We are passionate about developing pro basketball and talented basketball players from Amsterdam. We are passionate about 3×3 basketball and bringing Amsterdam and the National team to the top of the world and the 2020 Olympics. And in 2021 we made it to the 2020 Tokio Olympics with two players from Amsterdam representing The Netherlands. 

And in 2019, we dove into the world of Endurance Sports with all the passion we have!

My name is Ramon Siljade. Between 2014-2019 I was the chairman of the Apollo Amsterdam Pro Basketball organisation. Together with a lot of people, we’ve been working on a solid pro basketball brand. And step by step, we’re building and improving. Why? Because we all love basketball and we want to give back to the sport that made us who we are today.

Personally, I played basketball for 19 years. Seven of those were in the Dutch Pro League. In the five years I played for Amsterdam, we won two National Championships. In my final year, I became the best three point shooter in the league. You might wonder why I’m bragging about basketbal on a triathlon page. Well….. After quitting basketball, I was looking for new physical challenges. I ran a marathon in 2014 and in 2016. Finishing in 3:16:43 and 3:03:58. 2014 was a special year. That year me and my brother (Jordy) got acquainted with Ironman. We were on a family holiday on the beautiful island of Lanzarote. That vacation, we saw the whole Ironman race. Cheering on all the athletes passing by. Jordy made a decision that vacation: “I’m doing an Ironman next year”. And he did! Him completing Ironman Mallorca in 11:24:38, motivated me to dive into the world of triathlon myself. Jordy and I made an agreement: the next Ironman we’ll do together. And in 2019 we did! Together with Pepijn and Jordy we prepared for Ironman Zurich. On the 21st of July 2019 I started my biggest physical challenge in my life so far. But while we were preparing for our Ironman, the Apollo Triathlon community started to take shape as well! Resulting in racing multiple local races together with our club. And Hugo, Vincent, Remus and Lucas finishing full distance Ironman races representing Apollo Amsterdam.
Personally I crushed all my personal bests in 2019. Starting with a sub3 marathon in Rotterdam in April, working my way up to a sub10 finish in Zurich. My new personal goal? Qualification for KONA in 2023 🔥

Are you passionate about triathlon, running or cycling like we are? Join us and you’ll be part of the Apollo community!!