Maurten Gels & Maurten Drink Mix

Maurten Gels & Maurten Drink Mix

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Maurten X Apollo Endurance Lab Athlete Community Deal

please note:
- only Apollo Endurance Lab Community athletes can order these products
- make sure to order for a period of three months
>> estimated delivery of Maurten product at 
Apollo Endurance Lab:
>> 3rd week of: December - March - June - September

Maurten Gels (25 grams of carbs per gel):
- Black (no caffeine), box of 12 gels
- White (with caffeine), box of 12 gels

Maurten Drink Mix 320 (79 grams of carbs per sachet):
- Black (no caffeine), box of 14 sachets
- White (with caffeine), box of 14 sachets


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