31 OCT -  Five Day Fasting & Detox Protocol
31 OCT -  Five Day Fasting & Detox Protocol

31 OCT - Five Day Fasting & Detox Protocol

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  • Clean up wrongly produced cells & proteins which your body can’t use (including plaque)
  • Detoxing (removing and excreting) toxic substances (including heavy metals) from your body
  • Effectively using your belly fat as a source of energy
  • 'Clearing' the internal (visceral) fat around your organs by using it as a source of energy
  • Stimulate and improve your 'fat burning engine' (aerobic capacity)
  • More deep sleep and improving your sleep cycles
  • Breaking unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and habits, focusing on nutrition, exercise and sleep


You will receive a package with Bio-Dynamic / Ecological food for 5 days. You eat and drink exactly the prescribed menu per day. You don't do any shopping yourself during those 5 days. The package consists of:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh and dried fruit
  • Raw nuts
  • Soups
  • Simple dishes to prepare yourself
  • Freshly prepared dishes that can only need to be heated up


  • Magnesium
  • Green powder
  • Multi vitamin
  • Omega 3 / vitamin D3 oil
  • ION*Gut Health (for the microbiome & gut lining -leaky gut- / digestive system)
  • Glycerol based on your weight (to maintain muscle mass during the protocol)
  • Zeolite detox capsules (for binding and flushing out toxic metals which are stored in fat cells)

About the program

The Apollo Health Program is about restoring and boosting your health. Your health is determined for more than 95% by lifestyle and your lifestyle is determined for more than 95% by 'autopilot' behavior. In our Health Program we lay the foundation for healthier behavior, better health and longer life. At the same time, we reduce your belly fat and improve your fat burning engine (aerobic capacity). And guess what. You initially only commit to 'step 1' of the program: the 5-day fasting & detox protocol. 

Pickup time: 5 Day Kit @Apollo Endurance Lab: October 30th between 17:00-18:00 o'clock

Extra info for first time participants:
5 Day Fasting Protocol Participant Info

Please note, important information: if you are, or living with, a women who has a monthly menstrual cycle, then schedule your 5 day fasting protocol at least 10-14 days after the start of a new cycle and prior to the start of the next cycle. Not planning it accordingly will result in less effect.

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